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Cheryl: This is fog in the graveyard.

Indiana Ghost Doctors Staff : The one that you said was fog in the graveyard couldn't be fog. That is the only picture in which we found a mist out of over 600 photographs taken that evening.

Cheryl:   This is smoke from a cigarette.
Indiana Ghost Doctors Staff:   The one that you say is cigarette smoke couldn't be. That was taken in the museum on the second floor of the old stoney building. There is no smoking allowed in that building. Everyone in our group that smokes, and there aren't many were told to leave their cigarettes in their vehicles and during our break they could go out and smoke.

Cheryl:   This is due to the moving the camera quickly during the picture.  

Indiana Ghost Doctors Staff:  This could be. but it still leaves the question of why nothing else is out of focus or blurred