Year End Blast 2009

Another year can rest in peace for the Indiana Ghost Doctors.  
Our 2009 year end blast was on Nov. 29th.  
Awards were given. Food was eaten. A good time had one and all.

The Indiana Ghost Doctors Shining Stars
Angie Rogers
Frank Cabello
Brian Buckwalter
 Casey Byrd
Jimie Davis
Joy LaBeau
Mary Lou McKinney
Jeff Frye II
Beth Herrick

The Awards for 2009

Teen Intern of the Year
Matt Sanders

Teen Tombstone Award
Matt LaBeau

Photographer of the Year Award
Bill LaBeau

Intern of the Year
Doug Barker

Reaper Award
Andy Lecklitner

Scaredy Cat Award
Linda Cooper

Spirit Award
Toby Cooper

Tombstone Award
Angie Baker

Sponsor of the Year Award
Carousel Rabbitry

Golden Compass Award
Matt Lecklitner

Photo of the Year
Angie Rogers

Coffin Award
Lyle Labeau

Bone Head Award
Lyle LaBeau
( Big surprise)

IGD Investigator of the Year Award
Jon Ruse

Indiana Ghost Doctor of the Year Award
Brad Sanders

No Indiana Ghost Doctors Party is complete without a gift for Lyle