This photo came to us by Email. If you look at the right side of the photo
you will see something that looks like a full figure apparition.
Or is it??

Here at Indiana Ghost Doctors. My Job as Web Master is to make sure that
the photos, Evp's, or, videos will leave you scratching your head.
This photo came to Indiana Ghost Doctors from a person who said.

" I just stumbled on your website. Please take a look at this picture.
We went to Sleepy Hollow in rural Frankfort last fall trying to scare ourselves for fun and walked around the cemetary.
We took some photos not looking for anything, just being goofy.
When I took this photo I felt like someone was hiding in the tree line.
 I thought it might me some teenagers out drinking or something,
so I fired off a picture in that direction so the flash would light up the area and we could see them.
There was nothing there, just our paranoia.
It wasn't until later we noticed what looks like an orb on the right side.
It is probably nothing, but take a look and let me know what you think."

Well sir, I just couldn't believe that you caught this picture with sheer dumb luck.
I sent it off to Mr. Frank Cabello ( our Photo Analyst )
This is what Mr. Cabello had to say
515"Ok here is what I found.  The photo was retouched adding the "Ghost" by using a lightening tool that reduced the shades towards the white instead of the darer colors that exist in the area. The person that did this did try to cover the fact by changing the header information encapsulated in the file but had made some very obvious mistakes as well. The file contains a color profile that is not embedded by cameras but one that is common for a photo editing program. Also there were other inconstancies with the information like multiple flash settings being set for the camera that are not possible since a camera only uses one flash setting at a time not 3 or 4, etc.. The "Ghost", at the highest zoom setting,, should have more pixelation being equal to that of all the other objects and backgrounds in the photo however the "Ghost" has less pixelation and is much smoother than the rest of the images in the photo. Since the "Ghost" is a part of the total imagery all the pixelation will be equal across the entire photo despite the resolution and dimension settings of the photography equipment used, it is just a physical fact like gravity no matter how strong or how low the gravity is it is consistent across the entire surface, the same with pixelation."
I hope this explains it a little better.

Frank Cabello, IGD Investigator

  You have been Debunked.

If you look at the bottom of the curtains, it is an exact match for the face. So unfortunately this time it is debunked. We'll get'em next time.
( From Jon  IGD central Division )