Bill LaBeau - Founder and Brad Sanders- Co-Founder

Who are the Indiana Ghost Doctors ?

Bill has been into the paranormal field since 1978. 

Brad started in to question the paranormal  in 1989.

   In 2000 IGD was formed.


 It is our objective to investigate any area, facility, residence or business using scientific equipment and methods. If information, evidence or claims are presented to us, we will carefully investigate the information and try to find any and all logical solutions. Most claims can be explained through careful observation and evaluation.

  We strive to be an asset to the community and to be respectful of each other and those we meet.

  We welcome the strange and the bizarre with an open mind.  

We will help anyone in need of our services and never turn anyone away in need. 

  Our group will be ready to help any way we can. 

Come in and look around